Benefits of being a member

PEPINES is a women’s network that seeks to transform society to ensure better representation of the interests and rights of all women at all decision-making levels in the Eastern Townships.

PEPINES is a community rich in experience that mobilizes and seeks to educate the Eastern Township population on the importance of the participation of women from all walks of life in decision-making. It is also a community that helps other women reach places of power in a spirit of mutual support.

Being a member of PEPINES means:

  • Being part of a community of committed and inspiring women ;
  • Defending the rights of women of the Eastern Townships ;
  • Providing women access to places of power in the Eastern Townships ;
  • Making our community sustainably more equitable and inclusive ;
  • Benefiting from the experience of elected officials and former elected officials by having access to networking and mentoring activities for candidates and newly elected officials.

Member activities:

  • Annual general meeting.
  • Several networking events throughout the Eastern Townships.
  • Mentoring program for candidates and elected officials.
  • Conference and occasional panels throughout the year.

Being a member of PEPINES costs $10 per year
Being a organization member of PEPINES costs $40 per year


Allow women to take the power and use their power


Changing policies and politics by and for women


Promote citizen participation of all women

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